There has always been a myth out there that you can get a better deal on a brand-new home by not using a real estate agent. However, that’s not true at all. There are several reasons why it’s important to use a professional agent to help you buy a new construction home.

First, it doesn’t cost you anything as a buyer to hire one. The agent’s commission is paid for by the builder from their marketing budget. You won’t get a worse deal by simply hiring an agent.

Having an agent who is an expert in the marketplace and the new construction process is invaluable. Our team has reviewed and been on contract for thousands of transactions, and we review them daily. That expertise is important as a homebuyer so you have peace of mind that an expert is on your side. We understand the market, neighborhoods, schools, pricing, upgrades, and lot sizes. Take advantage of that knowledge.

“Having an expert on your side is invaluable.”

There are also special incentive programs that might be available for you by using certain real estate teams. For example, we have relationships with builders all over the state, and some of them offer special programs to our clients that make a brand-new home even more affordable. Our team also has a special relationship with third-party vendors. If you need an inspector, insurance agent, or title company, we have great relationships with these kinds of businesses and can help you get great terms.

It’s pretty simple to secure representation for your new construction contact. When you are looking at new homes, make sure to fill in the registration form with your agent listed.

If you’re interested in buying or building a new home or just have any real estate questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email today. I look forward to hearing from you soon.