Early spring is the best time to sell in 2021, and there are four main reasons why:

1. Low inventory. In Houston, five to six months’ worth of inventory is a balanced market. We currently only have 1.5 to two months of inventory. With numbers this low, your home will stand out and have less competition. This is an insane seller’s market; houses that didn’t sell a year ago are now selling for more than they could have a year or two ago.

2. Relocation. Texas is seeing a massive number of people moving here from all over due to corporate transfers, people wanting to leave colder areas, or because they think this will be a better place to live. We’re seeing people move here from California, New York, Ohio, Idaho, and many other states. We have plenty of buyer demand from outside our market, which is driving up prices and decreasing days on market.

“We’re seeing people move here from California, New York, Ohio, Idaho, and many other states.”

3. Low interest rates. Interest rates are still extremely low, so demand is high with buyers trying to lock in a great rate. Rates rose a bit last week, and though we don’t think they’ll climb significantly, things are looking better with the pandemic, job growth, and the economy, so the time to act is now while rates are still historically low.

4. More time to sell. Many people wait until summer to sell, but by selling in early spring, you have more time to sell in a better market. Right now, you can strategically price your property to get top dollar.

If you’re considering selling or have any questions and what to talk to someone on our team, feel free to give us a call or send an email. We would love to help you.